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AHD Constructed Community Primary Model School at Kharo Chhan, The school AHD is proposing to build in Kharo Chann is the first time such a project is being taken on by the group. Read more


  BHP Billiton Projects
Community Social Mobilization for Installation and Management of 43 Water Filtration Units Project
Project is implemented in 43 villages of district Dadu. Village names and Filtration Units (RO  Plants) sites. Filtration Units will be installed by Public Health Engineering Department (PHED).

Basic Project model is designed by BHP Billiton expert teams based on years of experience with community and their needs at Zamzama Gas field Johi, Dadu. According to This model BHP will install 43 water Filtration Units with the cooperation of Governmental Public Health & Engineering Department (PHED). To make FU properly functional on long terms it is deem necessary that community owns and manages the water FU.

AHD is developing and implementing strategy to ensure comprehensive management of FU that includes support in installation, routine maintenance mobilize local resources to ensure functionality of FU. Project has three component that is social, technical, and government liaison to ensure involvement of all stakeholders at all levels of project implementation. Project period is for one year.


Provision of Food and Water to 234 Flood Affected Families at Taluka Johi, District Dadu

Flood Water entered Taluka Johi administrative boundaries on 29/08/2010 inundating large villages and towns from UC Bahawalpur to Chhini. Flood water caused severe damage to 200 villages, causing displacement of 80000 populations from 9 UCs.

AHD in partnership with BHP Billiton-Zamzama Field, is providing Shelter, Blankets, Jerry Cans, and Food to 234 families at Taluka Johi, district Dadu. Drinking water is also supplied to Flood Affected People with BHP funds to 234 families. Number of beneficiaries is expected to rise in next phase of project implementation.


Provision of General Food Items and Medicines to 638 Flood Affected Families at Taluka Johi, District Dadu

Further to 234 family’s food and water relief BHP extended its operation by increasing food support for 7500 families for Taluka Johi with four partner organization i.e AHD, JORDAN, Gorakh Foundation, and Kachho Foundation.  These GFI are distributed at Taluka Johi flood affected people. Besides, medical camps are also organized to provide health relief to flood affected areas.

AHD was provided 638 families GFI for distribution at 10 villages of Taluka Johi, District Dadu.


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