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In February, 2009 AHD provided Third Party Verification consultancy to Sindh Education Foundation at two districts of Sindh i.e Dadu and Kambar/Shahdadkot. As per agreement of the consultancy, AHD verified the data of 190 applicants at district Dadu and Kambar/Shahdadkot. After the data collection at villages, AHD also converted the data into computer for analysis and study purpose so that according to set criteria, final schools could be selected for opening as Low-cost community based private schools in rural Sindh. Vetting process included 31 technical persons of 3 persons in each team and one lead consultant. They had multidimensional technical algorithm questionnaires for vetting of applicant date. It followed the following procedure:
  • Interviews of 5 teachers at proposed village location for verification that they are qualified and if school open, at least 3 teachers will volunteer to teach at school.
  • Interview of 3 noble/notable/opinion makers at village to verify that they had information that entrepreneur is opening school at their village and they will support it morally and technically for successful operations.
  • Measuring, taking photo, and analysis of proposed school building to make sure it is vacant, safe and under the control of entrepreneur for long term running of private school at proposed village.
  • Verification of age 5-9 children in village by conducting 24 household survey of village and recording their GPS (Global Positioning System) location so that they can be accessed anytime later for further verification or pursuance.
As appreciation of AHD word and outstanding performance among five consultancy firms AHD received best performance and appreciation shield from Sindh Education Foundation. This best performance award was honored to AHD in a public ceremony. AHD General Secretary Mr. Nadeem Mansoor Jamali received the honor on 29th March, 2009 on behalf of organization from Mr. Nisar Ahmed Khuhro, Speaker Sindh Assembly .


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